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Today, under the leading of fashion agitation restoring ancient ways,Christian Louboutin outlet online store Mary Jane shoes are still popular international, whether in the T stage of brands, or on the trends of the female stars, can see the shadow.
christian louboutin outlet men's boutique has full of characteristics of tattoo parlor, use manual leather wall and decoration, full of the flavor of just Yang reflected stylist to the art of tattoo.Brand for many years also incorporated in the footwear design, the embroidery is now transformed into a unique service, from February sole launched four boutique in the whole world, make customer tattoo shoes embroidery, distinctive design achievement.

christian louboutin outlet online introduce the inspiration of the service, said: "initially I just want to prepare a gift for a friend, so his tattoo embroidered on the shoes. A lot of friends have tattoo, I don't think tattoo is popular culture, like lines on maps of the body, also tell the story of the man. A tattoo like armour or badge, is a part of life. No one will take people's badge hung on his shoes, so I think the tattoo embroidered on the shoes, become the new armour or badges. Other men's footwear brands ordering service is very good, but this is my new performance for entrepreneur."

Customer can make an appointment time on tattoo parlor with entrepreneur experts meeting, know every steps of the entrepreneur.Brands still have many shoes to choose from Louis sneaker to elegant henri loafer,christian louboutin outlet store readily available, release a new style more special nigel.

Then, Paris studio will be the final version to the customer review, ensure compliance with customer requirements.Completed by reservation to take three months, and will be carefully processed by Italian and Indian craftsmen, will be sent to the customer's hands.